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[Exclusive Event] The Traders’ Circle: Gear Up For Trading’s Most Well Kept Tips & Secrets

[Exclusive Event] The Traders’ Circle: Gear Up For Trading’s Most Well Kept Tips & Secrets

3 veteran trading experts in their own fields, come together in one setting, on this exclusive event: The Traders’ Circle.


Join us on Saturday, 18th May for this exclusive, intensive and informative workshop hosted by 3 key, acclaimed speakers in the trading industry, spanning from 10am to 2pm. Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Options, we’ve got it all.

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Session 1: Spot Turning Points In The Market With Trendlines By Jay Tun

Regardless if you are new to trading or has been trading for awhile, knowing where the turning points possibly are will undeniably give you an edge in the market.

To the untrained eye, it seems almost magical how some of the “experts” are able to know whether a trend is changing in advance.

In this session, Jay will showcase how he use trendline to tell the strength of trend as well as to spot possible turning points in the market using it.

You will learn in this session:

✔ What are trendlines?

✔ What makes trendlines effective?

✔ Trendlines vs Support & Resistance: which is better?

✔ Using trendlines to spot possible turning points.

✔ Incorporating trendlines into your analysis?


Session 2: Secrets To Making Money From The Forex Markets By Karen Foo

Forex markets are extremely volatile and most retail traders don’t make money.

Karen, ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading competition will show you her secrets in successful FX trading.

Here’s what you’d learn in this session:

✔ 4 vital components you need to success as a forex trader

✔ How to determine forex entry points with confirmation

✔ Why risk management is more important than your trading system

✔ How to ensure that your trading will last and be profitable in the long run

✔ How to determine if your trading system is profitable


Session 3: Trading Secrets Even Professionals Don’t Want You To Know By Thomas Yin

Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader trading in options, forex, stocks or even futures, understanding the proven formula to be consistently profitable can make or break your trading success.

By understanding the proven formula for trading success, you can increase your win rate, stack the unfair advantage on your side whenever you trade and be profitable consistently regardless of which market you trade in.

In this session, Thomas Yin will showcase his proven formula for trading success. He’ll share with you how his unique strategy helped traders to successful trade the markets.

What you’ll discover in this session:

✔ Why Trading Is The Best Way to Double, Triple or even Quadruple Your Money Spending Only An Hour A Day

✔ How Anyone Can Be A Top Trader Even if You Have No Experience Or Zero Talent

✔ How To Have An Unfair Advantage Stacked In Your Favor Whenever You Trade So That You Always End Up Profitable Consistently (Works Whether it’s on Options, Forex, Stocks or Futures)

By the end of the training, if you are new to trading, you will have a proven formula to start trading successfully and if you are already trading yourself, you will be able to improve your trading results by getting more profits and more winning trades.

Attendees will also get a free gift at the end of the presentation which is the personal watchlist used by Thomas Yin to trade the markets. This is the same watchlist which has generated Thomas Yin well over 6-figures in profits every year and below is just one example in his watchlist which he personally traded. This one trade generated him well over $30,000 in profits when he followed his watchlist to buy the stock at $11 and selling it at over $26.

This is The Traders’ Circle. Unlock your trading potential with the help of 3 critically-acclaimed traders in just one setting.

Get to mingle, network and ask questions with them. Strictly limited seats.

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Event Recap for “Catching The Macro Trends – Investing for the Next Cycle”

Event Recap for “Catching The Macro Trends – Investing for the Next Cycle”

In partnership with InvestingNote, RHB Securities organised one educational talk last night at SGX Auditorium with the topic “Catching The Macro Trends – Investing for the Next Cycle”. It is another full house event.

For the first session of the talk, Executive Director & Deputy CEO of Oxley Holdings Limited, presented their current projects from various countries including UK. The management is very confident that the debt level will be reduced significantly moving forward and is very positive with future sales.

Oxley CEO Ching Chiat Kwong

Our CEO, Shanison Lin was the second speaker. He shared with the audience his personal experience on how to use InvestingNote platform to catch the trending discussion stocks for the uptrend.

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