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The Symmetrical Triangle Trading Strategy Guide (Guest Post)

The Symmetrical Triangle Trading Strategy Guide (Guest Post)

Have you ever traded the Symmetrical Triangle chart pattern? If you did, then you know it’s not as easy as it seems.


This post was originally posted here. The writer, Rayner Teo is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as Rayner and has 457 followers.

For example:

You might have thoughts like…

Should I trade the breakout of the Symmetrical Triangle or do I wait for a pullback?

Where should I put my stop loss so the market doesn’t hunt my stops?

How do I know which direction the Symmetrical Triangle break out?

Now if you face any of those issues, don’t worry.

Because in today’s lesson, you’ll have the answers to these questions (and more).

OK, let’s get down to business…

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The Guide To SGX-Listed Singapore Stocks 2018 Edition

The Guide To SGX-Listed Singapore Stocks 2018 Edition

We have a new eBook, The Guide To Singapore Stocks 2018 Edition, written by popular bloggers: TUBInvesting (@TUBInvesting), Simple Investor (@Simpleinvestorsg) and featuring special commentary by Lau Shi Ern (@LauShiErn).


Organised by industry and sector and consisting of 700+ pages, this guide allows you to quickly understand how each SGX-listed company has been performing and what it does.

In this edition, we are pleased to have Shi Ern on board as a collaborator, who worked as an investment analyst previously.

Over the past few months, Shi Ern has taken time to answer questions from many fellow investors, doing it out of good will and sharing his thoughts with the community. Having experienced investing as a fund analyst, we believe his view will be useful as a unique perspective to our readers.

See what we mean by downloading the sample chapters here.

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