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HRnetGroup: What to Like and Dislike About its 6.5% Dividend Yield

HRnetGroup: What to Like and Dislike About its 6.5% Dividend Yield

Okay, at first glance, I never thought much about this Singapore stock.

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Except for the fact it currently pays a 6.5% dividend yield.

Other than Singapore banks and REITs, you typically won’t see many Singapore stocks paying you that kind of dividend yield.

Yet, I was amazed how much cash HRnetGroup has. And almost zero debt.I mean, for a S$780 million market cap company, this is quite impressive.

Let’s take dive in, shall we?

HRnetGroup — a Background

HRnetGroup is an unassuming name.It’s easy to look pass this company. What struck me though, as I looked deeper, was how fast they grew.

Now, HRnetGroup was founded in 1992, then quickly expanded to Malaysia in 1994, and eventually got listed in 2017 — having raised S$174 million in an IPO. Even Temasek also took a stake during its pre-IPO.

Today, the recruitment giant has a stable of well-established businesses – including HRnetOne, Recruit Express, PeopleSearch, RecruitFirst , SearchAsia and PeopleFirst.

Even though it’s not a blue-chip, I found it remarkable HRnetGroup could dominate its market way before its IPO – beating other more prestigious recruitment companies.

Singapore-only revenues of key players in Singapore in FY2015 (in S$ million)

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