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Hyphens Pharma International Ltd (SGX: 1J5) – Uncovering Healthcare Gems (Guest Post)

Hyphens Pharma International Ltd (SGX: 1J5) – Uncovering Healthcare Gems (Guest Post)

Hyphens Pharma International Ltd (SGX: 1J5) is a pharmaceutical company which focuses on the sales and marketing of specialty pharmaceutical products in key ASEAN countries through exclusive distributorship or licensing agreements with brand principals mainly from Europe and United States. $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)

This post was originally posted here. The writer, Brian Halim is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as 3Fs and has 2151 followers.

The company was listed on 18th May 2018 about two years ago on the SGX Catalyst. Since then, they have grown over the years and have done reasonably well in the midst of the pandemic outbreak through the product offerings they provide.
I was invited to their recent results briefing which I attended and had a chance to speak and ask my questions directly with their CFO, Lee Wei and CEO, See Wah.
There were also other private investors that attended the call.

Core Businesses
Before we go into that and also run through their recent Q1 FY2020 results, let me give a brief context of their main core businesses.
The Group’s core business comprises of 3 main segments: Specialty Pharma PrincipalsProprietary Brands and Medical Hypermart & Digital.

The Group has exclusive distributorship to sell and distribute specialty products in countries that they have agreements on. The Group also owns well-known proprietary brands ofCeradan® andOcean Health® supplements that I personally consume at home myself.
Our family had also used the nasal spray product,Sterimar® for our children when they were younger.

Financial Results
The Group had a strong run of revenue and profits growth since FY2015 before they went IPO in FY2018.
5 Year CAGR for revenue and profit after tax increase 11.1% and 6.3% respectively.
The number would have been higher if not for the IPO expenses that they incurred in FY2018 that dragged the numbers down by a little bit.
Still, you can see from the past growth trend and after attending the call myself, I am able to appreciate the business model a lot better than before.

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[Event Recap] Exclusive Corporate Visit To Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5)

[Event Recap] Exclusive Corporate Visit To Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5)

Last Saturday, we just had an exclusive corporate visit to Hyphens Pharma International Limited and the turn-out was great!

We were given the opportunity to have the C-Suite management, Mr Lim See Wah (CEO) and Ms Fang Lee Wei (CFO) of Hyphens Group to showcase the company to our community members.

The visit started off with an opening speech by Hyphens Group CEO, Mr Lim See Wah, which included a brief introduction of the company.



The audience watching a short corporate video.

After the introduction, we went on to tour the newly integrated facility of Hyphens company grounds.

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