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We’ve been featured on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报!

We’ve been featured on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报!

As a part of the investing ecosystem in Singapore, we’re proud to have been featured on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 on 24th February 2019!

InvestingNote Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 Feature
InvestingNote Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 Feature on 24th Feb 2019

InvestingNote was conceived on the idea of active and constructive sharing between passionate investors, while it allows new investors to leverage on other investors who are adept and more experienced.

We once dreamed of a platform where investors can help and learn from each other, to become better in every individual’s investment journey.

In the investing world, there are many stakeholders: financial institutions, brokers, analysts, fund managers, financial educators, financial bloggers, influencers, micro bloggers and retail investors. Our aim was also to connect the dots between all of them.

We believe strongly that everyone deserves an adequate financial and investment literacy. And all the more for retail investors. We believe that you don’t necessarily need to pay for expensive courses to become better at investing; there are experienced investors out there who are willing to share for free. Helping investors get better is the key driver of our platform.

Over the years, this dream has steadily been realised…as we’re the first and the largest social network for investors in Singapore, with many of our users coming from all walks of the investing world. One of the prominent users in our community is Terence Wong, founder of Azure Capital.

Like we mentioned earlier, all you need is an email, self-created username and password. That’s all it takes for you to join our community of the most active stock investors in Singapore.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our community members who’re already part of the community and who’ve supporting us since day one.

See their reviews on our FB page.

Other than just stock discussions, we also have other channels like FX, Personal Finance discussions as we mentioned here.

Become a part of our community and also see what other investors are saying about the current market right now: (click on the view now button)


InvestingNote is the first and largest social network for investors in Singapore. Find out more about us here.

Download our free app here:

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SGX ETF Fair + Media Appreciation Night

SGX ETF Fair + Media Appreciation Night

Last week was a busy week!

Our team had a humble opportunity to attend the Media Appreciation Night, organised by SGX at The Straits Clan. This event was for SGX to give back to the blogging community through a series of awards, for their hard work in keeping investment and financial knowledge demystified, free-flowing and accessible to the general public.


The Fifth Person won the best independent investment website in the ‘’ category at the inaugural SGX Orb Awards organised by the Singapore Exchange (SGX)!

SGX CEO, Loh Boon Chye was also present to give out the awards! Congratulations, The Fifth Person!

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