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Upcoming Workshop: Applying The Multiple Time Frame Analysis To Stocks

Upcoming Workshop: Applying The Multiple Time Frame Analysis To Stocks

What Is Multiple Time-Frame Analysis?

Multiple time-frame analysis involves monitoring the same currency pair across different frequencies (or time compressions). While there is no real limit as to how many frequencies can be monitored or which specific ones to choose, there are general guidelines that most practitioners will follow.

Typically, using three different periods gives a broad enough reading on the market, while using fewer than this can result in a considerable loss of data, and using more typically provides redundant analysis. When choosing the three time frequencies, a simple strategy can be to follow a “rule of four.” This means that a medium-term period should first be determined and it should represent a standard as to how long the average trade is held. From there, a shorter term time frame should be chosen and it should be at least one-fourth the intermediate period (for example, a 15-minute chart for the short-term time frame and 60-minute chart for the medium or intermediate time frame). Through the same calculation, the long-term time frame should be at least four times greater than the intermediate one (so, keeping with the previous example, the 240-minute or four-hour chart would round out the three time frequencies).

This method can also work for the stock market, and this technical analysis workshop for intermediate traders will show you how.


In this workshop, you’ll learn about:
✔ Understanding the types of markets and how it impacts your strategies
✔ Incorporating different timeframes into your trading to maximise your trades
✔ The one most important thing that professionals use to test their and verify their strategies
✔ How to utilise two simple technical analysis tools effectively that usually outperform complicated tools
✔ Habits and daily regimes of successful traders that every trader needs to know and follow

There will also be live chart trading examples to highlight the importance of multiple time frame analysis, that can be applied for the stock market.

You can look forward to upgrade your trading skillset in this 3-hour workshop on 2 Nov, Saturday 10am – 2pm.

This exclusive event is free to attend and sponsored by City Index.

Register now, come later! 


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