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More you need to know about Netlink Trust IPO

More you need to know about Netlink Trust IPO

Netlink Trust IPO #ipo..capturing news as it happens. One of the better prospectus written compare with Hrnet/WorldClass. Absolute must jeep due to the multiple growth story. 5 LEMONS!!! $NetLink NBN Tr(CJLU.SI)

—This post was solely written and contributed by our community member, @GrandpaLemon, in the InvestingNote platform and reposted on our blog.  This article was first posted here.


Price: S$0.81 (…)
NAV: S$0.8635 (3,336,639,000 / 2,898,000,001 Units) page 77
P/B: 0.93
DPU: 0.044
Yield: 5.43%
PE: 39.3
Market Cap: S$3.13 billion
Distributions: Semi (March and September)


Comparison of Yields:
Netlink Trust 0.044/0.81 = 5.43%
Keppel DC Reit(AJBU) 0.0614/1.265 = 4.85%
AusNetServices(AZI) 0.0860/1.765 = 4.87%
ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU) 0.1212/2.620 = 4.63%

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