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Our First Business Trip To Malaysia!

Our First Business Trip To Malaysia!

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KOL Gathering – We invited KOLs from Malaysia to have a gathering and networking session.

In 2020, we expanded our team and business in Malaysia. Since it was the beginning of the pandemic and our headquarters being in Singapore, we’ve only met most of our Malaysian team members virtually.

So, this is the first time both teams finally met in-person, after going through the many project developments and meetings over the last 2 years!

It was also a good opportunity to catch up with many of our Malaysian partners, prominent financial influencers and community members!

Key takeaways from the trip:

✅ Sincerity & groundwork are key pillars for building a sustainable community
✅ Understand the nuances of cultural differences – this increases communication chemistry
✅ Always find a good balance between work & fun!

Here’s a big thank you to our wonderful Malaysian teammates for hosting us for the week. Our team bonding activity at Genting was awesome!

p.s. everyone looked better in-person ?

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InvestingNote at Invest Fair 2018

InvestingNote at Invest Fair 2018

Invest Fair was a blast! 

INVEST Fair is ShareInvestor’s annual flagship event with the purpose to showcase products and services in the market, to act as a meeting point for investors and traders alike and to keep the attendees abreast with the latest market outlook.

The crowd has been very engaging and we saw many supporting fans, as the event happens throughout the 2 days from 25th – 26th August at Suntec Convention centre! There are cash prices of over $2000 that were won! And there’s a very special guest as well!  Our Dear Trump!

Users took the poll on InvestingNote, on what they think about Trump’s role in creating the bull markets!



Here are our hardworking colleagues engaging the crowd with Trump’s presence!

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We’ve been Featured As The Top 20 Singapore Investment Blogs & Websites in 2018

We’ve been Featured As The Top 20 Singapore Investment Blogs & Websites in 2018

This is a milestone for us.



We started this blog in 2016 to post stock and investing related-content shared by our community members on our platform.

Our goal is to educate and empower investors with free tools and information for them to become better investors. We also believe that people with no financial background or training, can be investors as long as they have the right knowledge and tools. is more than just a blog: it is a strong community of investors and traders that actively contribute and share ideas on a daily basis.

Yet, we’ve managed to stay neutral; we’re representing the entire investing community which is cohesive and inclusive.

That’s how we derived our tagline: Connecting Investors For Better Investing Outcomes.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve made it to the Top 20 investment blogs & websites for investors in Singapore 2018 by Feedspot.

We’d like to take this opportunity all community members as well as readers for your constant support.

Stay tuned for more investment-related articles!

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A New Home Awaits Us…

A New Home Awaits Us…


We were at the JTC Houseparty yesterday!

The startup journey has been quite a ride for us. From constantly improving our product, to growing and managing our community, we have done it all while stationed in our small office within the NUS compound.

As we are looking to grow both our team and networks, a bigger office beckons us.

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