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#InsightsInterview with ValueInvestAsia, one of our veteran contributors

#InsightsInterview with ValueInvestAsia, one of our veteran contributors

This is # InsightsInterview Episode 10 with one of our veteran contributors on the InvestingNote Platform, Stanley Lim, with the username ValueInvestAsia.

This # InsightsInterview series is to showcase financial experts, influencers and bloggers on a personal and insightful manner, to get glimpse of their investment journeys and their insights on the market in the near future. Every one of them have different styles of investing, expertise in different types of securities and also have their own story to tell.

Previously, we have launched 9 episodes of # InsightsInterview by influential bloggers. To read more about their post, you can find out at the end of this interview. The links are attached to the previous interview series.

Recently, we interviewed Stanley from ValueInvestAsia, to understand more about his investing strategies, biggest trade winner and loser, and what motivated him to get started in the first place.


Till date, Stanley from ValueInvestAsia has created many educational post and investment ideas and spurred discussions on InvestingNote platform. This is #InsightsInterview, Episode 10.

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