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Exclusive Seminar: Investing Strategy In Today’s Volatile Market

Exclusive Seminar: Investing Strategy In Today’s Volatile Market

With the ever volatile Trump’s policy and the uncertain direction of US interest rate, we are likely to see a more volatile 2019 and beyond.

Investing approach has evolved from the outdated strategy – “buy and hold and hold it forever”.

Since 2008, we witness an unprecedented volatility, –14% in the first quarter and -19% in the last quarter of 2018.


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Topics of discussion:
✔ Key reasons for a volatile 2019
✔ Investing strategy to adopt in overcoming this “New Volatility”
✔ Investing strategy according to your profile type
✔ 3 ways in identifying opportunity in a volatile market

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Speaker’s Profile

Kon How has more than 20 years of trading experience in the finance industry. He is an investment strategist, an expert in risk management and manages his own fund. He specialises in the study of behavioural finance (also known as market psychology).

He is often invited to share on market and trading insights with industry practitioners, fund managers, propriety traders, dealers and retail investors. His clients and participants are securities and derivative exchanges, regulators, investment banks, institutions and brokers – e.g. Singapore Exchange, Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Bursa Malaysia and many more.

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InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

Hi everyone, the next installation of our monthly workshop series is happening on the 28th February, Wednesday.


This time, it’s all about Fundamental Analysis: G.A.R.P Strategy.

In Fundamental Analysis, there’s 2 camps: Value and Growth Investing.

While the former looks at stocks trading below their intrinsic value, the latter focus more on the future potential of a company.

What if you can combine tenets of both growth investing and value investing to find Undervalued stocks with sustainable growth potential?

That’s where great investors use the Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) Strategy.

This is the workshop which you will learn how to use the GARP strategy to maximise your stock investments.

Conducted by James from SmallCapAsia @Smallcapasia will teach you:

✔ What is GARP Investing
✔ Who are the proponents of GARP approach
✔ Characteristics of GARP stocks
✔ 1 Quick Way to value a GARP stock
✔ How to Value-add with 2 Important Indicators
✔ 3 Case Studies using GARP strategy

**Early-bird discount: GET $10 OFF**

Use code: EB100

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TA Workshop for Beginners

TA Workshop for Beginners

a-gathering-seminar-series-5Our workshop series is back by popular demand! This time, it’s the Basics of Technical Analysis.

Technical analysis (TA) is what pro traders use. If you’ve always wanted to find out how technical analysis works, then this workshop will increase your knowledge, interest in TA and make you a trader.

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