The Investor-One Challenge 2019 FINALS

The Investor-One Challenge 2019 FINALS

Finally, the Investor-One 2019 has concluded with the Finals, last Saturday on 14th September Saturday at the SGX Auditorium!


More than 100 people attended the event and watched the top 6 teams as they battled it out LIVE, on stage, in front of a renowned panel of judges.

The Teams and the respective stocks they pitched:

• BIC Capital – stock: $UnUsUaL(1D1.SI)
• Prinsep Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Alexis Capital – stock: $Synagie(V2Y.SI)
• The Oracles – stock: $Clearbridge(1H3.SI)
• Primordial Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Thebearprowl – stock: $Memories(1H4.SI)



The teams presenting on the Grand Stage.




As Finalists in Singapore’s biggest ever stock pitch challenge open to the public, all the teams came under pressure during the Q&A from our renowned panel of judges: Mohamed Nasser Ismail representing SGX, Mark Liew representing PrimePartners, Christopher Lee representing ShareInvestor, You Weiren representing iFast Financial, Joseph Yap representing SAC Capital and Terence Wong representing Azure Capital.



We were thrilled to see how the Teams stay calm, composed while being on stage for the Q&A!

So after 6 gruelling and tough battles on stage, we finally had the top 3 winners!

1st Prize: Prinsep Capital – company of the stock covered: Hyphens Pharma International Ltd.

2nd Prize: The Oracles – company of the stock covered: Clearbridge Health Ltd.

3rd Prize: Primordial Capital – company of the stock covered: Hyphens Pharma International Ltd.




We’re extremely proud to have all the bright young finalists presenting confidently on stage and going for the gold and glory.

We also gave out Apple Watches to those who participated and voted in this Investor-One Challenge.


The Investor-One Challenge is a stock pitch challenge, created exclusively for Catalist-listed stocks to seek out hidden gems in Catalist-listed companies, while bringing retail investors, financial influencers, equity research analysts and listed companies closer through challenge and corporate visits.

Amongst the audience, we also invited the C-Suite management of the companies pitched by the Finalists! In this photo, we have Mdm. Fang Lee Wei, CFO of Hyphens Pharma to listen to the finalists pitch!


A photo of all the winners, judges and organizers of the inaugural Investor-One Challenge 2019!


The Investor-One Challenge was one year in the making, spanning over a total of 3.5 months with more than 100+ teams registering for the competition, including a corporate visit, quizzes and a final event.

We’re proud to say that this competition was one huge success which helped us achieve our goal of uniting young retail investors, financial influencers, equity research analysts, financial institutions and listed companies through the challenge, while seeking out hidden gems on SGX.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, SGX, Investor-One, ShareInvestor, PrimePartners, SAC Capital, FSMOne, judges, participants and voters for making this Challenge a huge success!

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