The STI is up nearly 10% YTD. What should you be doing now?

The STI is up nearly 10% YTD. What should you be doing now?

It’s already the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Let’s take a look at how the Singapore stock market performed so far:

STI Singapore ES3 ETF
The Straits Times Index (STI) has rallied close to 10% since January this year.

So what should investors be doing right now? Hold cash? Buy more? Or wait for it to bottom?

There’s a sure thing that can be done…

And that’s taking this time as an opportunity to improve on your investing skills.

Like the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot.

That being said, there are many investing strategies that retail investors can use.

Veteran investor and educator, Dr. Tee will explain, breakdown all the strategies and reveal his 11 critical FA criteria that he always uses to identify giant stocks, in a simple and easy to understand way. He will also demonstrate how exactly to screen good stocks globally.

This is all in one of the best-selling online courses available on our marketplace, where you will learn How to Discover Giant Stocks with Value Investing Strategies.

dr. tee online course
This is the online course to take for beginners to get a sense of the different strategies and how to pick stocks to build a strong portfolio – all in just under 2 hours over 9 learning modules!

Key learning points in this course:

1) Master 3 Value Investing Strategies on What Giant Stocks to Buy:
– Growth Investing Strategy (Growth Stocks / Momentum Stocks)
– Undervalue Investing Strategy (Undervalue Property Stocks / Bank Stocks)
– Dividend Investing Strategy (REITs / non-REITs Dividend Stocks)

2) Apply Fundamental Analysis (FA) with 3 Key Financial Statements and 11 Critical FA Criteria to Identify Global Giant Stocks
– Income Statement
– Balance Sheet
– Cashflow Statement

3) Practical Demo on Global Giant Stock Screening
– Selection Criteria for Growth Stocks, Undervalue Stocks & Dividend Stocks
– Sample 100 Global Giant Stocks for Singapore, US, Hong Kong & Malaysia
– 5 Free Global Stock Screeners
The instructor for this online course is Dr. Tee Tong Yan, who holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation.

dr. tee online course

He possesses 20 years of trading/investing experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and various major investment markets. He was a corporate Vice President, now the founder of a consulting firm.

He is a well sought after speaker in major trading firms and various investing seminars. Dr Tee has trained over 20,000 students (4hr stock investment course) and over 2700 graduates (5-day course).

dr. tee online course

Who should take this online course?

✔ Beginners and intermediate learners who wish to form a dream team stock portfolio which is fundamentally strong in a systematic way step by step.

✔ Stock investors are interested to learn what stocks to buy for medium term and long term investing, aiming both for incomes (collecting dividends with REITS and non-REITs) and capital gains (appreciation of share prices).

✔ Those who are interested in acquiring Dr. Tee as a mentor, with his personal guidance and support through the private discussion group included.


This course has been highly rated and over 300 people have bought this online course and acquired Dr. Tee as a mentor! See all reviews here.

Take action, get full-lifetime access to this online course and have Dr. Tee as a mentor for only $25 today!

dr. tee online course

So that the next time the market runs up again (or down), you’d know exactly what to do.

Be Ready.


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