Traders Dashboard: How Traders Think & Trade Daily

Traders Dashboard: How Traders Think & Trade Daily

Ever wondered how traders think and trade on a daily basis?

Behind the numbers, charts and complexities?

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For the first time ever, a group of traders have come forth with demystifying complex stock market happenings through in-depth analysis and breakdowns, so that you don’t have to.

Join this exclusive club where a group of traders including veteran expert @Li_Guang_Sheng, share regular updates on happenings in the global market and how these influence their daily trading and investment decisions.


As a member of this Club, here’s what you will get daily from the group of traders, called the Traders Guild:

✔ Market direction – They look at economic data, monetary policy, interest rates and sentiment so that we know what’s happening around the world. They monitor news flow to keep surprises at a minimum. They assess what it all means for our trading & investment portfolios.

✔ Trading – Discuss their trading ideas, how they discover them, how they approach potential entry, stop-loss & exit points & the corresponding price action signals they look for.

✔ Investing – They look at beaten down assets, stocks at highs, IPOs, rights issues and decide whether we would take any action.

Club members will have the edge, from the Traders Guild’s observations of daily price action!

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Activate your Free-trial and come see the Club for yourself now!


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