7 Key Takeaways from the Trading For Alpha: Active Traders’ Rally Event

7 Key Takeaways from the Trading For Alpha: Active Traders’ Rally Event

Our exclusive event, Trading For Alpha: Active Traders’ Rally was a full house last Saturday at SGX Auditorium!

We had the line up of active traders: Dan Chang, Jonathan Tan, Alvin Li and Ong Bee Heng.

First, we had Dan Chang presenting on How To Effectively Find Alpha By Reading Market Depth.20190921_091243Key takeaway: Market Depth is indeed useful to identify potential areas of support and resistance, but should also be used with other indicators like volume!

Second, we had Jonathan Tan to show the audience How Active Traders Think and Trade.20190921_095914Key takeaway: Traders should be able to identify the ‘hammer’ or ‘shooting star’ formation to increase their chances of having good trades.

Next, we had Alvin Li, our special guest from Hong Kong on How To Hedge Your Positions By Using Derivatives!20190921_103713Key takeaway: Daily Leverage Certificates are best used when in a strong trending market, because of the compounding effect and ability to maximise returns on blue chip stocks and indexes!

Last but not least, we had Bee Heng speaking on his strategy on Enhancing Alpha with Index Trading.20190921_114546Key takeaway: Trading indexes using DLC as an instrument, can certainly magnify returns, with proper risk control and management.

After that, we had a Panel Discussion that involved all speakers. 

img-20190921-wa00203 key takeways from the panel discussion:

  1. Traders must be disciplined to follow their trade plans, be it stop-loss or profit taking – especially during volatile periods.
  2. The Trade War will probably not be stopping in the near term, from now till end of the year.
  3. Volatile periods actually present good trading opportunities in the market.

Thereafter, we also announced the upcoming SG ACTIVE TRADING TOURNAMENT, which is Singapore’s biggest trading simulation competition!

img-20190921-wa0006Participants will be given virtual capital to trade using real market data with $15,000 worth of prizes up for grab. Also, stand a chance to WIN an iPhone 11 Pro just by registering as a participant!fb-artwork-copyThis tournament is FREE for all to join. Beginners who are interested to trade but are unsure on how to, this will be a great opportunity for you to get started. If you already a pro trader, be sure not to miss out on this active trading challenge and stand a chance to walk away with fame, glory and amazing prizes!

Go for the GOLD in the biggest trading tournament in Singapore!

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