The Ultimate Trading Indicators Course (4 Powerful Trading Techniques) – (Guest Post)

The Ultimate Trading Indicators Course (4 Powerful Trading Techniques) – (Guest Post)

This video, The Ultimate Trading Indicators Course (4 Powerful Trading Techniques) was originally posted here. He is a veteran community member on InvestingNote, with username known as Rayner.


Here’s the thing:

Many traders claim indicators don’t work because it’s lagging.

But do you know the truth?

It’s not that indicators don’t work.

Rather, it’s the trader that don’t know how to use it, correctly.

That’s why in this special training, I’ll show you the secrets to using indicators profitably.

You’ll learn:

1. How to use indicators and identify explosive breakouts — before it occurs
2. How this one simple indicator helps you “buy low and sell high”
3. How to better time your entries & exits and “predict” market turning points
4. How to combine different indicators and find high probability trading setups (hint: 95% of traders get this wrong)
5. And much more…

Now, this 45-minute webinar is so good it that I’ve considered selling it as a standalone product.

But in the end, the “good” Rayner prevailed.

So, here’s what I’ll do instead…

You can watch this training webinar, for free.

As long as you share it with another trader, deal?

Then click the video above to access this special training…

Once again, this article is a guest post and was originally posted on RaynerTeo youtube channel

He’s also a part of our community and an educator of charting patterns, trading tips, trading indicators on technical analysis.

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