Upcoming Webinar: Towards A SEA Of Opportunities

Upcoming Webinar: Towards A SEA Of Opportunities

Southeast Asia and India are poised to become the fastest-growing regions globally over the next decade, amid the burgeoning internet industry and the rise of tech unicorn companies.

On one hand, the relocation of the global industrial chain is set to catalyse the development of high-end manufacturing and electronic technology.

On the other hand, the expanding middle class, spurred by urbanization and increasing income levels, is driving a growing diversity in internet services and digital consumption demands. This landscape has given rise to tech companies such as SEA Ltd and Grab.

Join us as we discuss their market outlook and unique investment opportunity with 30 leading technology firms across 6 Southeast Asia and Indian markets, thereby capturing the potential of emerging Asian markets!

Mr. Zhang Dinghai (Bruce) is a portfolio manager at CSOP Asset Management and is responsible for bonds, REITs and money market investment strategies.​

Mr. Adrian Chew is Senior Vice President at CSOP Asset Management. Adrian oversees ETF investment solutions for Brokers, Wealth Managers, and Family Offices in Singapore.

Date: 7 June, Wed
Time: 7.30PM

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