Webull, do you? [Get Rewards worth up to USD130 at end of article!]

Webull, do you? [Get Rewards worth up to USD130 at end of article!]

We’re not sure about you but, almost on a daily basis, we’re being bombarded by ads about this or that new trading app, new trading platform, or new trading subscription.

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BAM! BAM! BAM! All of them are screaming at us for attention, and it almost feels easier to give in than to resist. Then we think to ourselves, ‘Each one is saying they’re the best. But which one is, really?’

You want to identify the sharp, shiny needle in this haystack of same-same trading apps. Here’s where we can help, because our team has sampled a lot – and we mean a lot – of them.

In case you guys haven’t heard of us, we are Trading Analyst Playbook (affectionately known as TAP), a vibrant and authentic trading community with investors of all levels helping one another reap maximum profits with minimum work.

And this article is going to shed a floodlight on the clutter, and show you the features that would make Webull one of the sharpest instruments in your investment toolshed.

Dettol can’t make this Watchlist any cleaner

First up, the Watchlist page on Webull is one of the cleanest we have ever seen. We could almost imagine smelling the ‘Mama Lemon’ fragrance while using it (well, almost). Less is indeed more when it comes to trading.

Upon opening the page, we could immediately fill it with our favourite stocks. Using it feels like your fingertips landing on a keyboard that’s perfectly ergonomic – all of a sudden your typing speed increases. Likewise, a clean Watchlist saves us small bits of time and mental bandwidth here and there, which really adds up!

The trading hours of US stocks include pre-market trading hours (4pm – 09.30pm), regular market trading hours (09.30pm – 4am), and post-market trading hours (4 – 8am) SGT. Great for us Singaporeans 😉

This function can display Pre- and Post-Market prices, which allows us to cast an eagle eye on how our positions are performing even outside of market hours.

Also, we love the fact that the company logos are displayed on the left, which adds a personal feel to our believed stock positions and allows us to intuitively identify each one.

We have enough clutter in our lives as it is, who needs more in their trading app, right?

Market indicators as intuitive as breathing

Heat Maps

Under the ‘Markets’ page, as you scroll down a selected country page, you’ll be able to access a Heat Map, which is an important, frequently-used tool we whip out at every market session like it was a Wild West gunfight.

For all you football fans, you might be familiar with how heat maps are used to display players’ positioning throughout the pitch. Similarly, the Heat Map on the Webull app allows us to immediately identify the sectors that are leading or lagging.

We like referring to the S&P 500 Heat Map at the start of every US Market session to identify the sectors that are showing good relative strength. For a sector to have good Relative Strength means that they are performing better in comparison to the General Indices (e.g. S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ). This feature really speeds up our process, taking it from ‘Pretty darn quick’ to ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ (without the car crashes).

For example, based on the Heat Map below, you can see that Growth Names such as IT Services and Technology are showing good relative strength, while Value Names such as Telcos, Financials, and Real Estate were showing relative weakness.

While we’re on this, here’s another amazing feature: the uber useful Global market heat map! Check out this screenshot below.

This provides a remarkably detailed overview of the stock markets, enabling us to see the performance of key indices, distribution of advancers and decliners, gains/losses in various market sectors, as well as pre-market activity.

We can see that most Country Indices were showing mild weakness during this trading session, while the US Indices are generally outperforming other nations. All this at a glance! Talk about world-class!

Advancers & Decliners Distribution

Let’s talk a little about Advancers & Decliners Distribution. This is extremely important for investors, perhaps almost as important as the restroom (+ toilet paper) after a Double McSpicy meal.

But what are they, and why should they matter?

Advances and declines refer to the number of stocks that closed at a higher price and those that closed at a lower price than the previous day, respectively. For example, a market would be more bullish if more stocks advanced than declined, and vice versa.

For example, below we can immediately see that the trading session was a sidewards/neutral day, evidenced by a large portion of stocks trading flat or slightly down. This gives us an idea of the market breadth and better prepares us to make any trading decisions for that session.

Using Charts and Alerts as easy as wearing pants

It seems Webull had really invested in the design of this app, because everywhere we turn is a page that looks like it was taken from a Kinfolk magazine – breathable, clear, and beautiful.

Anyway, here’s an example of how we have used Webull’s very clean Charts and Alerts to great advantage.

Below is a chart for Coupang Holdings ($CPNG), which has been on our watchlist for a couple of months. We noticed high volume accumulation on the last two earnings reports (See the encircled ‘E’ overlaid across the volume bars near the bottom). Whenever there is a push toward the upside, we want to ensure that it is supported by strong volume.

$CPNG is quickly approaching the 20.00 (drawn by the horizontal trendline), which we think is a significant level for this stock as it would officially emerge from its corrective base. This comes as a breath of fresh air, as this stock has been hammered to death over the past year, due to the multiple risk factors in the market (rising interest rates, intense competition, etc.).

Despite the general market moving downward in the past six months, we noticed that $CPNG has been consolidating sidewards and showing good relative strength. This could be an indication that the stock has bottomed, even before the general market has.

To ensure that we do not miss the move of $CPNG above the 20.00, we used Webull’s price alert function (screenshot below). This is perfect for those of us who are unable to monitor the price of the stock like Hawkeye watching Loki.

Perhaps we would rather be monitoring our kids, watching our aquariums, or ensuring we don’t burn our Maggie Mee supper. Webull would then drop an alert in the app when the price is above the 20.00 level, which is our cue to take action.

And here are some other alerts we’ve found to be very helpful:

1. Sharp Price Risk/Fall

2. Breaking News on Individual Stocks

3. Price Above Moving Average (20 Day Moving Average, etc.)

Using the Webull app, we are able to draw clean charts, which cuts out all the visual noise, allowing us to zoom in on the details we need to make a good decision.

Pro Tip! – Focus on a few indicators

For more experienced investors, the Webull Charts invites you into a vast spread of multiple technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), MACD (not McD’s, but Moving Average Convergence/Divergence), Moving Averages, and more. Although, that doesn’t mean you must use them all!

At TAP, we usually encourage our community of ‘Tappers’ to use at most two indicators, with our favourites so far being RSI and Moving Averages. Focusing on just a few indicators allows us to analyse them more in-depth, and we have found that specialising on a few has been extremely effective.

Paper Trading: Your no-stakes training dojo

Having a well-thought-out strategy doesn’t mean it’s always going to work. Everyone needs a safe space to develop and refine their methods – a place with softer walls and floors, and where the punches and kicks don’t hurt. Cue one of the most important features of Webull: Paper Trading.

This feature enables us to create an account to trade the market using phantom cash. Not a new function of course, but there is one thing that sets the Webull app apart. Most other trading brokerages also feature paper trading, but they usually come with an expiry period, e.g. 30 days.

However, you can use Webull’s paper trading function till the cows come home (indefinitely)! This simple, underrated function is also great for newer investors, who can use this function for as long as they need to become confident enough to use real money.

Even if you are a seasoned investor, you might want to try paper trading with other products, such as Options. Now, anyone can be their own hedge fund manager!

Bonus X-Factor + More reasons to charge forward

Alright, we’ve come to the icing on this wonderful cake. Whilst most other brokerages allow for only a DBS/POSB deposit.

We were pleasantly surprised by the eDDA (electronic Direct Deposit Authorisation) deposit method, which was painless and almost instant (within seconds)! Webull allows deposits from various banks to your account, while many other brokerages only allow DBS/POSB deposits and take much longer to process.

We’ll end off with some sweet cherries on top for you (yum)!

Webull is a leading global fintech platform with True 0 Commission* Brokerage, also featuring:

  1. True 0 Commission, 0 Platform Fee, 0 Membership Fee and 0 Settlement Fee on US Stocks & Options Trades
  2. Fractional Shares for as little as USD5
  3. Full Extended Hours Trading
  4. More than 25 million global users
  5. Webull is a Global Partner of Nasdaq, CBOE, and NYSE

All in all, we would say Webull is one of our favourite trading brokerages to use. While we know this article may have already convinced you to download it, below are even more reasons you should!


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​This adds up to an UN-BULL-LIEVABLE amount of (up to) USD7,898 worth of shares!*

Hurry, download the Webull App and start your journey today: https://bit.ly/webulltap!

*Terms and Conditions apply. For detailed terms and conditions and full disclaimer, please refer to Webull’s website at https://www.Webull.com.sg/. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

This article was written in partnership with Webull.

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