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US Presidential Election 2020 – How It Affects Malaysia (Guest Post)

US Presidential Election 2020 – How It Affects Malaysia (Guest Post)

US Election is once every 4 years, but how does it impact the markets?

This post was originally posted here. The contributor to this article,@Denise is one of our many community members on InvestingNote.

update: Joe Biden wins the Presidency with 290 seats?

In the meanwhile, it could still be a period of volatility as the markets wait for a smooth transition (if there even is). So even though it seems like the President of the US has alr been highly-likely decided, it should be noted that there are still various ways the US Election can be contested.

Nevertheless, here are some macroeconomics principles that you’d be keen to know of:

[After all, this won’t be the last Presidential Election because there will always be another one every 4 years. Hence, the same factors would still apply.]

Just a quick backdrop:

On August 31st, 1957, diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the US were established when the US elevated its Consulate General in Kuala Lumpur to the status of the Embassy.

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LIVE Market Commentary: The US Election

LIVE Market Commentary: The US Election

Join us for this LIVE Market Commentary as the US Election is about to happen!


Hosted by Li Guang Sheng, one of our top veteran community members, investment specialist, trading representative from PhillipCapital.

In the last 2016 US election during a seminar, Guang Sheng forecasted that Trump would become president based on several key factors.

Key things that will be addressed during this webinar:

✔ Trump vs Biden: who’s likely to win?
✔ If Trump wins again, what stocks and sectors to look at?
✔ If Trump loses, what will happen to the stock markets?

US Election only happens every 4 years. Don’t miss this webinar!

Register now!


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