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An Interview With Our Analyst, Faye Wang

An Interview With Our Analyst, Faye Wang

– Original Post fromĀ T.U.B Investing
This is a guest post from T.U.B Investing, where he conducted an interview with our very own analyst, Faye.

For this month’s interviewee, you may not really know her (yup, at last, an interviewee that is a female!), but she is actually a stock market analyst on InvestingNote. I first noticed her was when she posted her analysis of Sheng Shiong on InvestingNote. It was quite detailed and seems to have addressed some of the changes in Sheng Shiong over the last few years.


She has also continued to contribute to several articles on The Signal Blog, which I felt were interesting and provide a good overview of the counters as well as its respective industry.

Therefore, with this interview, I felt it will be good for us to know her better and understand her thought process when she invest or analysis.
Without further ado, let’s get straight to the interview questions and her answers!

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