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Manulife REIT: Buy at 14% Dividend Yield?

Manulife REIT: Buy at 14% Dividend Yield?

Manulife REIT (MUST) shares tanked 43% since the start of this year, which makes this “pure-play” US office Singapore REIT really attractive.

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What’s more today, MUST’s market cap trades at just half of what its assets are truly worth – MUST shares trade at just 0.55x P/NAV.

Why are investors so bearish about this Singapore REIT? Because of COVID? Because of rising rates? I mean, MUST shares trade like investors don’t want to be in US offices anymore.

Is that really the case? Let’s find out.

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Background — What is Manulife REIT?

At US$666 million market cap, Manulife REIT (MUST) was the first US office REIT to be listed in Singapore, during 2016.

MUST owns freehold, class-A office assets across prime areas of US cities, including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta and so on. Back then, MUST overall occupancy rate was 96.5% — which was above average US offices’ occupancy rate.

Manulife REIT's Asset Under Management (AUM)
Manulife REIT’s Asset Under Management (AUM)

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