Event Recap: REITs Symposium + TA Workshop

Event Recap: REITs Symposium + TA Workshop

Last weekend, we had 2 events: our monthly workshop on Friday and REITs Symposium on Saturday.

The TA workshop conducted by our professional community member, Ong Bee Heng, was a full house. In finance terms, we guess you could call it oversubscription.

The audience listened attentively while Bee Heng taught the basics of candlesticks pattern!


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On Saturday, we attended the annual REITs Symposium and it was a full house of 5,000 attendees.


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If you’ve missed this year’s REITs Symposium, one of our community members has got you covered. Read his comprehensive summary here:


That’s a wrap! We hope to see you, the savvy investor, in future events!

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