New Function Update: Polling & Voting!

New Function Update: Polling & Voting!

“Ask and It Shall Be Given.”


Yes, that’s how we do it at InvestingNote.

So we’ve just released a much requested feature, allowing users to create polls as a way to facilitate more discussions, engage with one another and get feedback from the community. This is part of our effort to give more options to our users to share in the feeds. We also believe that this makes it more interesting and fun to engage in our community of investors.

We’re also constantly looking to incorporate more tools to better represent the content which is shared on our platform.

Here’re some interesting polls that are already running in our community of investors:



Looks fun and interesting right?

We couldn’t agree more!

To create a new poll, just head over to the start a poll tab in the post form, enter at least two options to be polled. Set an expiry date for the poll if you intend for the poll to be within a timeframe….and that’s simply it!

Let the poll start rolling.


Which feature do you think we should work on next? We’re running our very own poll. Head over now to let us know by voting!


Hope you guys like this feature!

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