We stole the show in 2016…the last post of the year!

We stole the show in 2016…the last post of the year!

2016 has been a great year for us. We’re proud to see a 35 times or 3500% increase in web and app traffic, and we’ve also grown to millions of page views per month! We’ve implemented a charting tool and events calendar which were positively received. We’ve also released both our Android and iPhone apps on the app store. This is definitely a milestone for us as a brand and a company.

However, without everyone’s presence and support, we couldn’t have stolen the show this year. We’d like to specially thank all of you for your continuous support and contributions.

To wrap up a wonderful 2016, here’s a look back at some photos of the events we’ve been to this year (in chronological order):

Platform walkthrough and market outlook, early 2016.


Invest Carnival, early 2016


The Bullish Campaign in NUS canteen, early 2016.


REITs Symposium, mid 2016.


SGX’s My First Stock Carnival, mid 2016.


Our booth at Fundsupermart’s Expo, mid 2016.


The biggest investment fair in Singapore, Invest Fair, mid 2016.


Public awareness campaign, mid 2016.

untitled-designPresentation at NTU Investment Interactive Club’s Freshmen Welcome Night, mid 2016.


NUS president Tan Chorh Chuan and deputy president Tan Eng Chye visited our office! mid 2016.


NUS School of Computing Fair, late 2016.


Platform walkthrough and demo at CIMB Securities, late 2016.


That one time when Dr. Tan Chin Nam, Chief Executive for Singapore Tourism Board and Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Information, came to visit our office! Late 2016.


Guess what we did for our company outing? Rock climbing and skateboarding!


Presentation at RHB Securities to remisiers, late 2016.


Presentation at RHB Securities’ exclusive event at SGX, late 2016.


Rewarding our users who referred their friends to join our community! Late 2016.


Presentation at Wealth Direction’s Invest with Confidence event, late 2016.


Presentation and booth at BigFatPurse’s Investors’ Conference, late 2016.


A gathering and market outlook series with presenter and user, Mr. Li Guang Sheng! Late 2016.


Top remisiers and users of InvestingNote, Joey Choy and Li Guang Sheng. Late 2016.


Singapore Fintech Festival, Fintech Awards, late 2016.


We really couldn’t have done it without your support. A BIG THANK YOU for everyone that supported us along the way. That’s a wrap of 2016 for us, we really stole the show.

The world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls. – Chris Gardner


Till 2017!

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