# InsightsInterview with Lynlynnakamori, One of the top contributors in InvestingNote

# InsightsInterview with Lynlynnakamori, One of the top contributors in InvestingNote

This is # InsightsInterview Episode 6 with one of our top contributors on the InvestingNote Platform, username: Lynlynnakamori.

This # InsightsInterview series is to showcase financial experts, influencers and bloggers on a personal and insightful manner, to get glimpse of their investment journeys and their insights on the market in the near future. Every one of them have different styles of investing, expertise in different types of securities and also have their own story to tell.

Previously we have launched 5 episodes of premium insights by influential bloggers.

Recently, we interviewed Lynlyn, to understand more about her investing strategies, biggest trade winner and loser, and what motivated her to get started in the first place.

Lynlyn is one of InvestingNote’s most reputable member in IN Member’s Ranking with more than 3000+ followers, specialising in Technical Analysis. She created discussions and has helped many people analysis charts on InvestingNote platform. This is #InsightsInterview, Episode 6.


Tell us more about yourself and how did you get started in investing or trading?     

Lyn lyn grew up in a simple family, I was a boring person not good with socializing and have very few friends. My dad was the first person who imparted trading and investing knowledge to me because I am very close to him. I picked up lots of tips from my mum too, she is an expert in property.

Since young, I have been watching my dad travelled in and out from stock brokerage firms and have always been very curious about stock trading.

I have read a lot of books and found charting to be very interesting because it has much lesser words and lesser stress with English. The first charting book I bought was from Kinokuniya.                         

Lyn lyn has spent a lot of time to understand charts, patterns, trends and price movements.

Up-to-date, I have charted more than 5 thousands charts. I gained a huge influence from some of my family members which deepened my interest and found trading or stock investing a good way of making money. Dad and uncle did well in stock investments and they strongly encouraged lyn lyn to pick up stock trading and I started since young.

What type of trader or investor would you say you are?

Momentum / Swing Trader

Trade is to trade well as in trading we need to be flexible as the market is very volatile. Best scenario is day trade – open and close position on the same day, but due to market uncertainties it is getting tough to define.    

What are your best investments and worst investment since you started investing?

My best trades are Rowsley and GLP and the worst trades I’ve made are Ezion and Yuuzoo.

Do you have an idol in investing or trading? If so, what’s the most memorable teaching from them?

Yes, I have 3 idols – Dad, Mum and Uncle (mama’s biological brother and he has passed away)

  • Dad – “Never borrow money to trade, don’t owe banks money, if you cannot effort, just don’t buy.”
  • Uncle liked to say – “書中自有黃金屋 – he always encourage lyn lyn to do homework and read more.  富媽媽, 窮爸爸 – My mum invests in property, and collects rental every month. She is rich. My dad trades stocks, high risks with no guarantee rewards. One more very interesting one – 以錢賺錢… 因為你不是一頭牛 – let the money work for you ”
  • Mum –  this is the unforgettable one “資產是幫你賺錢的東西,負債是花錢的東西,

你收租或轉賣賺錢的房子是資產, 你昨天買的 Chanel 包包是負債 ”

Do you have any rules to stock picking?  

Yes, buy or short only when the stocks show signs of reversal.

Can you share with us what is your current portfolio allocation?    

Lyn lyn has closed most of the Long Term positions, because my strategy for 2018 is – Swing Trade.

Two major sectors that have bottomed out and are making a recovery are Property and Oil.

My current portfolio, estimate to be 40% in O&G, 10% in property, 20% in Gold and 30% in other stocks.

What do you think of the current market conditions in Singapore right now?

Growth should slow in the second half of this year and falls between 1.5 to 3.5 per cent.

  • Electronics likely to remain a drag by Tech Cycle & Trade War.
  • Pharmaceuticals, F&B and transport clusters seems to remain in bright spots
  • Service sectors are less impressive on softer wholesale and retail growth.
  • Construction sector are seen in deep contractionary territory.
  • Property continues under pressure with the latest Property Cooling Measures.

Which industry and sectors are you currently looking at and why?

Current sectors focus:-

  • O&G – oil has bottomed out & heading towards 100.00 direction
  • Telco and IT /Tech related to Smart Nation sector – During 2018 National Day Rally, Mr Lee Hsien Long has repeatedly reminded us about the importance and potential of robotics, E-commercial and telecommunications which going to transform Singaporean in the future
  • Land Transport – remains as one of the strong pillar to move Singapore economy. Singapore is committed to stop bringing in more cars from February, 2018. But the demand for land transport is increasing, that means more people have to switch to public transports.


What is your day to day strategy towards investing or trading?

Do you implement a top-down or bottom-up approach for stock picking?

Scan stock charts to look for indications of reversal or continuation for down beaten stocks. I use both Top Down and Bottom Up approach.

If you can go back in time to change one mistake about your investing/trading journey, what would it be?  

To avoid Yuuzoo completely.

Also what advice would you give to new traders or investors?

  • Trade to trade well, not to make money
  • Keep the number small, to avoid over trade
  • Read enough, you must fully understand the stock before you trade
  • At least, learn basic Technical Analysis to help you to plan your trade

Lynlynnakamori currently has more than 3,000 followers and provide many accurate stock estimates. Follow her to get the latest updates and chartings on the Singapore stock market.

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