Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: REIT_TIREMENT

Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: REIT_TIREMENT

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Today, we are featuring one of our top nominees of Most Popular Member, @REIT_TIREMENT! Cast your vote now for him if you have read any of his amazing REITs post before!

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What’s your profession? 

Project Manager

How many years have you been trading/investing. Which markets do you usually trade? 


How did you start trading and what got you started? 


How do you improve your investing/trading skills? 


Can you tell us when did you started using InvestingNote? How is your journey being our community member? 

2017; so far so good

Tell us one feature you like about InvestingNote. 

Stock Notification

Tell us the one book that you would recommend to our community members. 

REITs to Riches

Is there anything else you would like to tell your supporters/investors/traders? 

Wish you all have a good return in 2022

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