Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: Happily

Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: Happily

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Today, we are super happy to have one of our top nominees, @Happily, to share with his experience and journey with InvestingNote! Hit the like button or vote for him to show your support!

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What’s your profession? 

Happily: retiree

How many years have you been trading/investing. Which markets do you usually trade? 

Happily: started investing/trading since 2005/2006, so its only about 15 to 16yrs. Now i only invest in SG market.

How did you start trading and what got you started? 

Happily: After losing some money in bank’s recommended structured products, I started investing in stocks and funds. Initially my stocks holdings were merely mimicking the fund’s constituents.  Subsequently during the AFC in 2008, I recognized that I cannot fully rely on the investment professionals as they themselves are even more vulnerable to the market crash, as they are bounded by specific rules and could not act timely and freely as they wish to.  So I decided to switch all into stocks and started managing them myself.

How do you improve your investing/trading skills? 

Happily: First we need to learn some basics of FA, TA, general economics and investor psychology. Then we need to read investment related news, appreciate the market’s changing dynamics and try to establish links between the various investment instruments. Lastly, keep an open mind and watch our own blind spots.

Can you tell us when did you started using InvestingNote? How is your journey being our community member? 

Happily: I started using InvestingNote in Apr 2019. its a very rewarding journey being a fellow IN member. there are quite a number of experienced investors in the platform, and we can freely share and discuss our ideas, strategies, opinions and tips about investing and personal finance.

Tell us one feature you like about InvestingNote. 

Happily: The portfolio’s dividend section where it provides critical datelines and estimated payouts, provides a quick glance to counter-check and plan my cashflow.

Tell us the one legendary trader/investor who influenced you the most. 

Happily: It has to be Warren Buffett. Apart from his investment philosophy, his many other personal qualities, of being humble, down to earth, frugal, wise, etc, all these are virtues which we all can learn from.

Tell us the one book that you would recommend to our community members. 

Happily: “Making your millions in Reits” by Gabriel Yap

Is there anything else you would like to tell your supporters/ investors/ traders? 

Happily: It’s never too early or too late to invest, so i really hope everyone can invest some time and effort into homing and perfecting this lifelong skill, and also encourage your family and friends to do so too.  Don’t worry too much about the voting. Please feel free to vote for the other nominees. Whether nominated or not, whether win or not, we are all thankful to the many IN fellows who participated in these sharing and discussions.  Once again, i would like to thank everyone here for being a part of my learning journey in InvestingNote. May the fellowship of the IN thrive, and may we all continue to Huat for many years to come.  Huat Ah! Huat Gar Buei Lin Chu Ah!  Hip Hip 虎爷! ^^

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